What is Andromeda galaxy, is Andromeda galaxy heading our way?

what is Andromeda galaxy?

Andromeda galaxy from earth is 2.5 million light-years away and it is the nearest galaxy from us. Before 1925 Andromeda was considered as Nebula, however Edwin Hubble in 1925 with the help of extra-galactic stars present in Andromeda proved its galaxy. Andromeda is the nearest galaxy from from earth and it is estimated that Andromeda may have 500 billion planets.


Andromeda galaxy information

The galaxy is a collection of gas, dust, starts and solar systems, one galaxy may have millions of starts and planets. Currently we have no idea about Andromeda galaxy planets, but considering at least 1 planet for 50% of all starts, it is estimated that Andromeda may have 500 billion planets.

After studying the Red shift distance relation of 46 different galaxies, Edwin Hubble brought a theory that galaxies are expanding. Hubble also introduced a calculation called Hubble’s constant according to which galaxies are expanding with 160km/Sec per million light years. This estimate was later proved to be incorrect, but but the theory was absolutely correct.

andromeda galaxy information
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Andromeda galaxy and milky way galaxy will collide?

So now you may be thinking if all galaxies are expanding then how Andromeda could hit us? In simple words the answer is Gravitational force. Yes, it works with galaxies too. Not only Andromeda, but there are many galaxies which are coming closer to each other.

According to data shared by ESA’s (European space agency) spacecraft “Gaia”, the Andromeda galaxy and milky way are coming close to each other and could collide in future around four and a half billion years.

After collision these galaxies could merge and form another giant galaxy.However, it is just an assumption and until then we will have less hope of being alive.

If you want to see the Andromeda galaxy at night, then you can download "stargazing app" in mobile which will help you to provide exact location of the galaxy. Andromeda can only be seen in the darkest night in area where light pollution is less.

what is andromeda galaxy in hindi

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